• Pro Oil service stations
    • DIOMIS Engineering has provided engineering services for various Pro Oil service stations across Ontario. Services included review of pre-engineered systems to structural designs for newly constructed facilities.
  • Mixed-use commercial and residential structure in East York
    • This existing one storey commercial building was renovated with two additional stories added over the existing structure. This structure features a commercial space on the main floor and two stories of residential units over. The existing structure is constructed of concrete block load-bearing walls on conventional concrete foundations. The new structure over is constructed of engineered wood floor/roof joists and beams. Exterior walls are constructed of light gage steel studs supported over the existing block below.
  • Modified existing UHaul warehouse
    • This project featured an existing one storey warehouse structure with a roof height of approximately 15’-0” above grade. In order to achieve an increased storage capacity in lieu of increasing floor space, the client decided to raise the existing roof structure an additional 5’-0” resulting in an overall height to the roof structure of approximately 20’-0” above grade. This was achieved by strategically shoring and temporarily supporting the structure and modifying the existing structure by either replacing existing columns with new columns and/or reinforcing existing columns
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